Fighting the Flu

Throughout my lifetime, up until about ten years ago, I used to have really terrible bouts with colds, sometimes two or three times a year - and each time, they'd go on literally for weeks. But then I sort of developed a regimen for myself - one designed to go after the root cause - the bugs themselves. From then to now I've never had an attack of cold or flu that lasted more than 72 hours - and that only happened if I didn't catch it quickly enough. Many times, I'd applied my scheme at the very first sign of a problem, and effectively dodged the bullet altogether.


Victims of the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and Nancy Lanza and her son Adam via

What can be said about the Newtown tragedy, beyond the fact that it’s a hellish comment on the nature of our times. Before commentary is offered on this event, and the many other acts of senseless gun violence which have plagued this nation over the past several decades, the reader should understand the core philosophy of this writer, as it relates to this discussion. For a start, I am a profound advocate of the idea that our Bill of Rights is virtually on the same level as holy writ.

The Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling - Take Two

Once more we are witness to the effects of a clique of ideologues who’ve conned a gullible electorate into handing them the power to literally wreck the economy, not only of the United States, but potentially of the whole world. This, even though the substance of the Republican campaign in the last election, that is to say, the promises they’d made about all the things they were determined to take away from the American people if elected, cost them the Presidency and seats in both houses of the Congress. That very cabal of Tea Party Republicans now threatens to raise the taxes on every class of American if they can’t prevent the tax cuts for the richest 2% of this country. That very same 2% who’s income and worth had risen by 300% during the Bush era, while the rest of Americans saw their incomes lay stagnant.

Book Signing Event

Come one, come all! Join me for a Book-Signing! Sat Nov 24th, 2012 | 10:00AM - 4:00 PM at the Pahrump Library @Pahrumplibrary | 701 So. East St. Pahrump, NV

Let us discuss the days of early Apple, or the current and future economy of our fair country.

Copies of Adventures of an Apple Founder and Insolence of office will be available on site.

Big win? Or just another skirmish victory?

Big win? Or just another skirmish victory?

The man did it again! What a relief to those of us who were terrified by the idea of an America under the divisive rule of “the other party”. A party that presents itself as driven by oppressive, partisan, money-driven, religio-fanatical neo-conservatives. And as with any major conflict, we (the American people) have simply won another major battle. The conflict is not nearly over yet, and promises to parade into the future, as far as the eye can see, and as far as the mind can project. Yet if we hope to truly win, in the years and decades to come, we must have a clear understanding of the nature of our opponents. In short, what is it exactly that we’re striving to overcome? To distill it to its essence - we are laboring against an incredibly well-funded ideology which is characterized by a view of our society which is fundamentally alien to what we’ve come to regard as “the American way of life”.

What the “h - - - ” is going on around here?

Special Issue on THE ELECTION of 2012 - Some thoughts on the serious national issues that effect us all.

Once again, this is a simple call to WAKE UP AMERICA! We have only to stand back for a broader view, to see that this has been the strangest, and the most corrupt election in U.S. history. But then, by virtue of modern distortions, the corruptions have been openly exercised in ways that have been presented as completely legal - such as the Citizens United decision by an ideological Supreme Court. As a result of that decision Obama has become the only sitting President in our history who faces an opposition funded to 1.2 billion dollars - oh, not directly, of course - but through PACs whose monetary sources are totally hidden from public view.


Mr. Jobs and I knew each other quite well in those early days at Atari, before Apple, and we knew each other’s drives, ambitions and motivations. He could best be described as free-wheeling, energetic, passionate and highly focused. Qualities that he brought to everything he did.

Very Disappointing

Many have asked me what I thought about the first set of presidential debates. Simply put- very disappointing. As to the reason behind the President's performance being disappointing, consider that Romney has only one job at present - running for the Presidency. Obama on the other hand is doing the same job, while "being President" at the same time. The result, as I've heard in many comments this morning, is that he looked tired.

CISPA: A Brief History of Political Erosion

An Essay by Ronald G. Wayne

The CISPA act just passed by the Republican dominated House of Representatives. Some thoughts on a serious national issue that affects us all.

What is CISPA?

In the world of personal telecommunications, April 26th, 2012, is a date that will live in infamy. It is a classic example of the old expression, “In an emergency, break glass!” Under the very real threat of cyber abuse—understandably termed by some as, cyber warfare—the House passed the CISPA Act (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).