Numismatics (coin collecting)

As is evident through my writing of Insolence of Office (my opus magnum) the early years of my adulthood encompassed another passion – a drive to understand the essence and the true nature of currency. And of course, in the process, I discovered what it was, in the nature of silver and gold, that enabled these metals to function so reliably as the basis for a viable currency, for more than 3000 years. It seemed quite natural therefore, that my passion for collecting stamps would so easily expand to collecting coins as well. So it was that my holdings in both fields would slowly but persistently grow, over the years that followed.

It was 2004, at the age of 70, that I relocated to Pahrump, Nevada where I would more formally assume the status of “retired”. But what was I to retire on? Certainly not on my Social Security. After all, that system was never really intended to be a retirement plan, but simple as a base so that people wouldn’t wind up selling pencils on a street corner. It was quite a natural evolution, therefore, to dust off my collections of stamps and coins, which would then be exercised as “inventory” for a newly founded retirement activity. Of course, the inventory was only part of my new enterprise. A second major part was a life-time of acquired knowledge in these fields. In other words, my material inventory, and my acquired knowledge, along with my passion for collectibles in general, made the whole thing come together quite perfectly. My appreciation for the esthetics of fine engraving, is more than matched by my love for the artistry in beautifully struck coins. And history is there too.- a far deeper history, in fact, than that of stamps. After all, the world’s first postage stamp was the famous “penny black” of Great Britain, which had been produced for only one year, in 1840. And yes, a specimen of which is held in my present collection. But my oldest coin is a ten-dracma silver piece from the empire of Alexander the Great, in the fourth century B.C. – and its actually certified as being nearly un-circulated!!! Now THAT’S history!!!

In this world of dealing in collectibles, my life has truly settled in, most comfortably. It may not be a world of wealth such as that which had been held by Steve Jobs, but it is certainly one of joyful satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

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