This writer cannot understand why no one seems to recognize the truth behind Trump’s complete failure to provide productive leadership against the national catastrophe called COVID-19, or why his actions in office have been so consistently destructive of this nation, it’s government, and the status of the United States throughout the world.

It should be obvious - even to the casual observer - that this failure of leadership is not simply his incompetence, ineptitude, or flat-out stupidity - but something far, far worse. His disastrous behavior, with regard to Covid-19, is simply the most recent example - the most recent PROOF - of this President’s intended focus and purpose, which has been to do as much damage to the United States, and its people, as possible, and to dismantle this Republic and the structure of its government.

Why would he do so? Because, from the beginning - as an over-abundance of evidence has demonstrated - he’s been a cash-paid agent of the Putin government! This is a startling accusation, for certain. But one piece of evidence, alone, from the Mueller Report, is powerful enough to support the truth of this statement. From that report alone, the evidence is that Trump is known to have borrowed six hundred million dollars from Deutsche Bank - and never repaid it. Yet that bank (which has been repeatedly fined by the International Bank, for laundering Russian money) has never made the slightest effort to recover that “loan”. Is Deutsche Bank a philanthropic institution - or more likely, has Vladimir Putin been systematically replenishing those funds - AS TRUMP’S PAYMASTER? This looks to be a classic example of “money laundering”. In time, recovery of Trump’s tax returns, along with his personal and business records will expose this truth, at which time, this President will certainly be indicted for TREASON. And that’s a crime for which there is no statute of limitations.

But the real question is - aside from continuing to kill off more of our citizens (with Covid-19 as his principal weapon) how much more damage will he be allowed to create before we can rid ourselves of his hellish presence?