Kickstarer Launching May 17th

On May 17th 2023, Ronald G. Wayne will be celebrating his 89th birthday and launching a Kickstarter to support the creation of a new book: Counterfeit Trust & The Nature of Money

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Nearly 60 years in the making, Counterfeit Trust & The Nature of Money is the greatest and most important work of Rons life. 

By living these virtues every day, Ron has lead a successful life and is exited to share with you and other readers how to protect the buying power of money- now, and in the future!

On launch day, here are some of the rewards that you will be able to claim when you contribute to the campaign:

  • Downloadable eBook
  • Paperback copy of the book
  • “Thank You” postcard
  • A three-quarter ounce, 90% Silver coin (to start or continue your savings)
  • Hardcover copy of the book
  • Personalized letter, thanking you for your support
  • Signed copy of the paperback
  • Signed copy of the hard cover
  • Personalized social media “shout-out”
  • An opportunity to partake in a live video meet-and-greet

All Kickstarter versions of the book will have a special dedication page, listing all contributors! This version will not be available in stores!