To understand what’s really going on, all you need to do is just ask a few simple questions – like:

  • Can anyone imagine a bank that would lend out huge amounts to a “borrower” who’d refuse to repay – and then continue to “lend” him more and more? Then consider why Deutsche Bank would have “lent” Donald Trump” 600 million dollars, in several lots, (never repaid)? Then add to this the fact that Deutsche Bank has also been fined millions of dollars when they were caught “laundering” the equivalent of millions of dollars, in Russian money. Is it possible – do you suppose – that these facts could be linked – Trump, Russia and Deutsche Bank?
  • Is this perhaps why Donald Trump is so terrified of the prospect of anyone gaining sight of his finances – or, has yet to express a single unkind word about Vladimir Putin?
  • Or why he’s had so many totally private (totally secret and unrecorded) conversations directly with Vladimir Putin –
  • or why his son was so desperate to set up a secret “back-channel” of communications with the Kremlin –
  • or why Trump has been surrounded by so many people (including Russian oligarches) who had surreptitious (or even direct) links to high officials of Putin’s government –
  • or why virtually every international action by Trump has yielded a tactical benefit to Vladimir Putin?
  • So – – – What is it that’s so important about Ukraine that it so motivates Putin? The answer to this is simple – just look at a map of eastern Europe. Ukraine “is the cork in the bottle”! If lost to Russia, it would be Putin’s pathway to Europe – militarily if all else fails to satisfy his ambitions.

Now, with the latest testimony at the Impeachment Hearings, we’ve learned that the current issue, relating to Ukraine, isn’t the first time that Trump has delayed, and even attempted – illegally – to block military aid to that Allie (once again, to the benefit of Putin(). And who in the world, do you think has benefitted, tactically and militarily most, from Trump’s actions?

So, what do we call a President who’s every action is a detriment to the United States, and a benefit to this nation’s sworn enemy – particularly when we find that the enemy’s leadership has been his PAYMASTER FOR YEARS? Why else would Trump be so terrified of having his financial and tax records made public?