If there was any doubt as to what our “Glorious Leader” is up to, it went away when he played his most recent card, on Friday of last week. It is true that nearly every administration in modern history has made major changes in the staff of virtually all of their departments of government. It’s called the “Spoils System”, or “Winner Take All”. This has been particularly true when in any election, the nation changes party. But to this writer’s knowledge we’ve never observed this kind of “staff revision”, or "mass extermination” - in our entire history.

This concept of “slash and burn” first became evident at the moment of installation of our newly appointed Secretary of state, Tillerson - who’s first act in that office was to literally gut his entire department - with no appointees to replace them!!! The people who were dispatched - wholesale - had never been “political” in any sense of the word. This was a staff of “Career Diplomats”, many of whom had served under every President from Reagan onward. They were a Diplomatic corps who’d experienced every international phenomenon from the Cold War to the present, and possessed in-depth, profound, and intricate understandings of our geopolitical world, and of each and every nation in it - friends and foes alike. This was a pool of knowledge and experience which often extended back four decades and more. Question. Now, in the absence of that monumental wealth of knowledge - how can our State Department hope to function, in the face of international negotiations - and international events of crisis - that are certain to come? Worse still Secretary Tillerson, after eviscerating his entire Department, has yet to show the slightest interest in appointing even a single replacement - and even if he does, how could they possibly hope to supplant the thousand man-years of “on-the-job” experience, that’s now been lost???

WHAT THE “H - - -“ IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? There’s a serious difference between “unconventional” and OFF THE WALL!


On Friday of last week, without notice or warning, more than forty members of the top-level staff of the Justice Department were summarily fired! Those who were terminated included a man whom, only a week earlier, was specifically asked to stay on. In any previous transition, where a new administration would install its own people in Justice, the current staff was invariably moved out over a span of time, during which new people would be brought in. Frequently, overlapping time was allot, perhaps for “cross training”, or to familiarize the new people with investigations - or even prosecutions - which might then have been in process. In short, time for a “smooth and efficient transition of service”! BUT NOT THIS TIME. Under Trump’s orders, the current staff was instructed, “Clean out your desks - turn in your keys - and be gone by mid-night!”
No rationality, of any kind, could possibly justify this kind of Presidential behavior. Such exploitation of his powers, if nothing else, suggests that our President has perhaps been warned, that “the hammer is about to fall”! Or does he seriously believe that he can actually make the entire Justice Department - vanish? What’s next I wonder? Perhaps he might even “Dissolve Congress” and declare himself Emperor”?

Conflicts of interest, violation of our Constitution’s “Emoluments Clause”, and who knows what else, have generated rumblings of “A Constitutional Crisis” in the offing.
IN THE OFFING?! We’re living it!

WAKE UP AMERICA - the signs are unmistakable - WE’VE BEEN NURTURING A TYRANT!

Editors Note: For an interesting read on an alternative viewpoint, check out this article from The Atlantic: