What the “h - - - ” is going on around here?

Special Issue on THE ELECTION of 2012 - Some thoughts on the serious national issues that effect us all.

Once again, this is a simple call to WAKE UP AMERICA! We have only to stand back for a broader view, to see that this has been the strangest, and the most corrupt election in U.S. history. But then, by virtue of modern distortions, the corruptions have been openly exercised in ways that have been presented as completely legal - such as the Citizens United decision by an ideological Supreme Court. As a result of that decision Obama has become the only sitting President in our history who faces an opposition funded to 1.2 billion dollars - oh, not directly, of course - but through PACs whose monetary sources are totally hidden from public view. But what is not hidden is the flaunted recognition that this money has been committed by the Koch brothers and others who represent oil, banks, lenders and speculators who will inject more money into this election then Obama could ever hope raise, through contributions from the general public - from people like you and me - from the people for whom Romney has expressed such absolute contempt. And, as is now allowed by the Supreme Court’s decision, that billion dollar funding buys an incredibly loud voice against the President, to employ a second “perfectly legal” corruption - innuendo, falsehoods, distortions of truth, and flat out lies. Because unlike you and I, politicians are not bound by the laws of Libel and Slander. So it is that through an army of surrogates, they raise insidious suspicions as to the President’s religion, political affiliations, and even his national origins. This is a playbook of slimy tricks, direct from a totalitarian regime of your choosing. They do this while knowing that most people aren't moved by such slime and trickery - but then all they need is enough gullible (or prejudiced) people to buy into their sleaze, and the election can be theirs!

But the truly amazing idea, to me, is why this should be such a close race? How can Romney win over the public with the idea of a 20% tax cut across the board, estimated to cost 4-5 trillions over the next decade, linked to additional military spending of 2 trillions, with no explanation of where the money will come from to fill the hole. And when asked how he’ll do it, his comeback is “By closing loopholes in the tax code.”. But then ask him which loopholes and he answers, “I’ll tell ya that after I’m President.” OH REALLY??? And doesn't anyone realize that cutting deductions is just another way of raising taxes? And if they actually did apply this huge tax cut across the board (which would largely benefit the rich) what “loopholes” will they cut? Could they be the tax deductions for state and local taxes, so that hereafter we get to pay taxes on taxes? Could it be the homeowner’s interest deduction - which is a major tax exemption for the middle class, and means virtually nothing to millionaires? Could it be charitable deductions leaving the nations charities out in the cold? But worse yet, what will they do when they find that taking away ALL of these deductions still won’t fill the hole? Will they then add the difference to the same national debt that they've been screaming about for years. Of course they didn't scream much about the debt, when Bush and his Republican Congress were adding 5.5 trillions to that debt - for a useless war. Or perhaps will they be so determined to avoid that increase in the Federal debt, that the hole will actually have to be filled, through what ever means, by you and me, middle income America, and the desperately poor.

Then too, how can this be a close election when Romney, on camera, treats 47% of the electorate with total contempt - while telling women that their bodies aren't their own when it comes to abortion and contraception, and Planned Parenthood is a fair target while telling the elderly to say goodbye to Medicare, and Social Security will be privatized - while telling Latinos that legal or not, they will be subject to police scrutiny and while telling the general public that Obama’s healthcare plan will be scrapped, as a result of which tens of millions of Americans will loose the health insurance that the plan had thus far given them access to - that pre-existing conditions will again be an excuse for insurance companies to deny benefits, that children on their parents policies will no longer be covered until their 26, and that the insurance companies will no longer have to prove that 80% of their income is paid out in benefits.

How many people, in this election (if they thought about it even a little bit) want to vote for a man who promises them “hell on Earth”???