Why doesn’t everyone see that we’ve witnessed this before (back in 1933)?

When someone shouts into a microphone that his continuation in power was denied him because of rigged elections (in 50 different states), and that government and the free press have conspired against him - all without a shred of evidence to support his claim - we’re witnessing a word-for-word re-play of Germany, 1933.

        If you don’t believe it - you’ve only to read a copy of MEIN KAMPF!

        Virtually every idea that Trump has expressed, and every tactic he exercised during his Presidency, seem to have been taken nearly word for word, from that book.  Deception, vilification, and the exploitation of fear - as opposed to hope, promise and a quest for common humanity - has been the tell-tale sign of a tyrant.  These tactics had worked in the Weimar Republic of Germany, those many decades ago, when that country was living under the devastation that followed World War I.  But this is the twenty-first century, in one of the most prosperous nations on Earth.  Villainous strategies aren’t supposed be able to work in today’s America.  So why is it threatening to work here and now?  The answer is simple - those tactics will work here, but only if today’s “American villains” can succeed in dismantling the functional core of this Republic, a republic which has thus far survived the trials of the past 250 years.

        We’ve survived as a nation because of our strengths, among which has been our fundamental humanity and our diversity as a united people.  We can now survive the threatened tyranny of Trump and his violent following, but only if we pay more serious attention to history, answer fear with hope and promise, and make our voices heard, when power-grabbing politicians pick away at our fundamental rights - LIKE the absolute right to vote, as granted by birth to every American citizen!