America - The world is watching!

What will it take to awaken this country’s conscience? For no reason other than pure “ideology”, we have a President who, at the stroke of pen, set in to motion the revocation of DACA and thus has begun to shatter the lives of nearly 800,000 young people - DREAMers who, through no choice of their own, have come to know no other nation but this - the United States - as their home. We may have a President who doesn’t give a damn about what happens to the lives and well-being of such a sea of young humanity - but don’t doubt for a moment, but that we, as a people, are now under the gaze of watchful world - a world who will now look to see into this nation’s soul, to truly learn what kind of people we really are. This is only the latest of so many abuses that this President has heaped upon his office, and upon this nation - but with focused determination, Donald Trump seems bent upon an effort to create a Presidency that will stink in the nostrils of our history, for generations to come.