Counterfeit Trust & The Nature Of Money

Will savings in paper money guarantee long-term buying-power, or destroy it?

Counterfeit Trust is the latest work of Engineer, Author and Historian Ronald G. Wayne. Best known as the forgotten “lost” founder of the Apple Computer Company, Ron has dedicated the last 60 years of his life toward the research of global monetary systems (so you don’t have to). His ultimate goal- is to share with the world what he has learned and help to protect the long-term buying power of everyone’s hard-earned money.

When bringing up the topic of money and savings, most people’s eyes glaze over. In “Counterfeit Trust” Ron brings his unique sense of humor and voice to make these mundane conversations more engaging.

As inflation hits records highs, it is more important than ever to act now to protect your money, so that it is still around to spend in the future!

When is a dollar worth more than a dollar? When it is made from silver! Be one of the first to back the Kickstarter for the new book, and Ron will help kick-start your own journey toward financial security by giving you a Morgan silver dollar- worth over 20x its face value!

On May 17th 2024, Ronald G. Wayne will be celebrating his 90th birthday Click here to help him celebrate by checking out his new book!