How to dismantle Medicare and Social Security

The so-called “tax bill”

The so-called “tax bill” which is now being jammed through the Reconciliation process, was in part created by the Senate in a manner that any previous Senate of this nation would have regarded as a fraud. Not a single moment of debate was allowed to be held for this bill on the Senate floor, for a bill that was scribbled together by the Republican caucus, in a back room, so that an unintelligibly marked up 500-page mess would be passed out to the Senators of both parties, only a few hours before it was voted on, in the small hours of the morning. Keep in mind that this is tax legislation will profoundly influence the personal lives of nearly 300 million Americans, and is a thinly veiled attempt to dismantle medicare, medicaid and social security as we know it.

Sound and Fury

Touted loudly by Trump and the Republican majority as a “Tax-Cutting Gift to the American People”, this bill has now been reviewed by dozens of expert analysts including the Federal GAO who, to a man, have described this tax plan as a permanent, massive “give-away” to corporations and the top 1% of the most wealthy among us, while it sprinkles pennies (temporarily) in so-called “tax relief” to our middle-class citizens. Even that sprinkling is then rendered worthless by taking away such long-standing personal deductions as State and Local taxes. In short, every ordinary person will now be granted the privilege of paying federal income tax, on the state and local taxes that they’ve been compelled to pay, throughout the year! In short, we’re now going to have to pay taxes on money we were never allowed to keep!

Government Sanctioned Theft

The Republican Senate Majority, who’ve created this abomination, have gone on to spuriously argue that all of this money (taken out of your pockets) is to be stuffed into the pockets of corporations and the absolute richest among us. This will enable those elites (if they choose) to create jobs and a thriving economy. It’s a scheme that’s been tried many times, since Ronald Reagan, and has never worked yet! And so, if its never worked before, and is therefore unlikely to work now, what the “h---“ is really going on around here, besides “Robinhood” in reverse?

This is where it really gets sleazy.

For countless decades the Republicans had wrapped themselves in the banner of “the party of fiscal responsibility” Yet here we are with a tax plan that every single economist predicts will yield shortfalls, deficits, that will run into more than a trillion dollars. And remember that A trillion is only another way of saying, “a million, millions”! So now the question remains, why has the party of "Fiscal Responsibility” suddenly abandoned so many decades of monetary conservatism, if not to realize a more villainous gratification? The likely truth is that this tax plan is even more sinister than the most cynical among us could ever have conceived.

The plan is simple.

Once the trillions in tax-shortfall comes to pass, it will offer the Republicans the excuse (that they’ve always dreamed of) to shred the social safety-net. With insufficient money coming into the Treasury to fill the monumental deficits (which their own scheme created) their Crocodile tears will flow like Niagara, as they dismantle medicare, medicaid and social security. The single reality that will never cross their minds will be the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans, whose lives are profoundly linked to, and sustained by, those services. Services which only Government can provide After all (in their reasoning) the trillions in savings can be better spent by Americas corporations and millionaires. This is the plan, the whole picture, as expressed in the words of the Republicans themselves.

So, what can we do about it?

In the view of this writer, only one action will save us in the coming days. However, it must first be realized that Republican voters as well as Democrats and Independents, will all wind up as victims of this villainous scheme. We are, all of us, in the same boat! Together, we can create a march on Washington, more massive than has ever been seen before in this nation! Only by such an action can these narrow-minded politicians be made to realize, that this is a republic, and that “representative government” means that they were put into their offices of power to represent the people who voted for them (not only those who filled their campaign coffers)! Wake up America! We can put this message across, in terms that they’ll never again forget. Or we can all sit around and bemoan the end of this Republic, and the evils of living under an Putin-style oligarchy, in which our lives (and deaths) are dictated by the rich. The choice is ours, but the time is incredibly short!