Fighting the Flu

Throughout my lifetime, up until about ten years ago, I used to have really terrible bouts with colds, sometimes two or three times a year - and each time, they'd go on literally for weeks. But then I sort of developed a regimen for myself - one designed to go after the root cause - the bugs themselves. From then to now I've never had an attack of cold or flu that lasted more than 72 hours - and that only happened if I didn't catch it quickly enough. Many times, I'd applied my scheme at the very first sign of a problem, and effectively dodged the bullet altogether.
In light of so many fiends and family getting sick this season, I will share the description of my method, along with the common medications (all over the counter) which I use, and more important still, I've also detailed the methods of application. One of the methods may appear a bit strange, but when you try it, you'll find that it's not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds, and you'll acclimate to it quite easily. Please try it for yourself, to see how easy it really is to dodge the discomforts, and serious threats, of the flu and/or the common cold. If you do, let me know how it works out for ya. Note: In this litigious world, I must proclaim- do not attempt any of this if you have any uncertainty at all! I am not a medical doctor, and these could equate to nothing more than a collection of old wives tales. Please consult with your doctor before taking or doing anything contained herein! Best regards, - Ron ANTI-COLD/FLU REGIMEN MEDICATIONS: - ECHINACEA GOLDEN SEAL (*) 400 to 450 mg capsules - VITAMIN “C” (*) 1000 mg - Time Released - LISTERINE Antiseptic Mouthwash (*)Take with any fluid - with some food, is suggested PROCEDURE: 1. At the first symptoms, proceed as quickly as possible 2. Echinacea Capsules, 3-capsule dosage, taken at intervals, 3-5 times per day with final dose taken at bed time. Number of Doses depends on severity of symptoms. 3. Vitamin “C” 1-pill dosage (500mg) taken at intervals, 2-3 times per day with final dose taken at bed time. Number of doses depends on severity of symptoms. 4. Listerine (1) Gargle 4-5 times per day - and swish thoroughly around mouth. Each time, after spitting out the gargle, inhale slowly and deeply through the mouth, and exhale through the nose, while internally constricting the nasal passage, to force vapors into the sinuses. 5. Listerine (2) Nasal swab 3-5 times per day as follows: An important part of the regimen Swab Listerine deeply and thoroughly into each nostril, twice (finger application is appropriate). Then, one nostril at a time, inhale deeply through the nose to draw vapors in the sinuses. NOTE: You’ll find that this procedure effectively fights runny nose, and isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as you might think.