The coming train-wreck - And how to avoid it!

           The single most compelling issue of our time, which this writer has never seen raised by any economist, reporter or historian, relates to the fact that between the years 1968 and 2022 the United States has experienced an approximate monetary inflation of about 7000%, both in our money supply and in the U.S. Federal debt- an event which has never happened before in the nearly 250 year history of this nation.

           More noticeable still is the fact that during that same period of time, an inflation of nearly equal magnitude has happened in every major nation on earth!

           Nothing like this has ever happened before, in the 3000-year history of the world’s coin money - and nothing will stop it, unless the whole world returns to the gold standard - which had been abandon during the Bretton-woods conference of 1944 - an action made necessary at the time, for the simple reason that World War ii had been the most expensive war in human history.

           Without a swift return to the gold standard, the whole world is “lemmings to the sea”.