The Villain Has Revealed Himself

Yes - the proper term is “villain”, since what other kind of person could be so devoid of heart, of soul, of human pity, as to so proudly torment - by the thousands - the personal lives of children - down to the age of infants - along with their terrified parents, for purely political ends? And then, from his own mouth, to proudly state, in no uncertain terms, that he would relieve the human torments that he’d himself created, only when the Congress of the United States yields to his political demands.
What must first be understood, is that in the infinite mercy of Providence, and through the genius of the minds that created this Republic, we function under a system of Laws, structured specifically to defend us against such villainy. Their protective mechanism was simple. It was based on the idea that the powers of our government should never be left to the mind and actions of any single person, but instead should function under a “separation of powers” - a Legislature to make the laws, a Judiciary to interpret the laws, and an Executive to carry out the laws. But more than that, our Constitution actually demands of our Chief Executive, that he shall “Faithfully execute the Laws” - as created by the Legislature, and as interpreted by the Judiciary. No President was ever granted his authority, to make up the Laws as he went along, solely in accordance with this own personal wants and prejudices - and certainly never to use the Law as a bludgeon to batter men, women and children, until the rest of our governing authority yields to that President’s personal wants and prejudices.

There was another autocrat, who ruled a country in central Europe in the mid-20th century, who demanded oaths of loyalty from his people - not to their government or a lawful Constitution, but to himself - personally, as he directed the execution of millions of men, women and children, for the heinous crime of worshiping under a different religion.

What other President, in the history of this nation, has so villainized our free press - except for that segment which praised him personally - has attacked our courts, our justice system and anyone, in or out of government, who dared to criticize him - who’d labored so diligently to destroy international alliances, built up since the end of World War II, as he embraced every tyrant on the planet? What other president had distilled the craft of lying, down to a fine art? What other president would have dared to pull the U.S. out of the world’s Human Rights Alliance? What do all of these realities actually tell us of the mind and heart of Donald Trump? Simply that he was never running for President. He was running for Emperor, and has demonstrated that he’d willingly burn the world to the ground, to achieve that end.