Very Disappointing

Many have asked me what I thought about the first set of presidential debates. Simply put- very disappointing. As to the reason behind the President's performance being disappointing, consider that Romney has only one job at present - running for the Presidency. Obama on the other hand is doing the same job, while "being President" at the same time. The result, as I've heard in many comments this morning, is that he looked tired. Hindsight being 20/20, in the area of what Obama should have done, the most significant defense and offense points that were missed were: Defense: 1. The economy- on the business side it is reflected in the stock market having doubled during his time in office. Brag about it! 2. Employment- the creation of thousands to hundreds of thousands of new jobs in nearly every month of his Presidency. The dip was low, but through a lot of work, the level is back where it was in 2008 and rising. All of this with the understanding that a President is not a King, how could he have done more, with a Senate blocked by 100 Republican filibusters, and a House that hasn't produced a single jobs bill since the TEA Party took over. Offense: 1. The Debt- Romney offers no explanation of how he plans to reduce the Federal debt by giving away trillions in tax benefits to the richest one percent, and spending trillions more on an already bloated military, without paying for it with huge tax burdens on the middle class, and pulling the rug from under the needy. 2. Deceptive Math- Romney's already said that he'd pay for those give-aways by cutting deductions (not mentioning which deductions, specifically) [just trust me?]. But the reality is, that CUTTING DEDUCTIONS FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS, IS JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR "RAISING TAXES". I only hope that last night's performance was some kind of "long game" strategy - to make Romney think he's got a soft target - and then really swat him, in the next debates. Regards, Ron